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My name is Lila Craig. I love to make doll clothes and have a lot of patterns to do it. I love to make special request orders and have done wedding gowns and tuxedo's for cabbage patch dolls.

I make clothes for the CABBAGE PATCH Dolls in many sizes from 12"-24" including the NEW True Cabbage Patch and Many other dolls.

Here is a list of some of the outfits I can make and have patterns for to fit the Cabbage Patch dolls. Holland-girl, Italy-girl, Mexico-girl, Arabia-girl, China-girl, Russia-boy, Spain-boy & girl, England-boy, Japan-girl, Europe-girl, Scotland-girl and Austria-boy.

Also outfits for the Business Woman, Pilot & Stewardess, Army Soldier, Nurse, Waitress, Fireman, Fisherman, Railroad man, Auto Mechanic, Teacher, Maid, and Gymnast, Football player, Baseball player and Cheerleader, Doctor, Astronaut and Girl Scout, Mail person, and Policeman, Western wear and Fairy Tale and Christening Gowns, Wedding Gown and Tuxedo.

Costumes for Santa, Angel, Devil, Pilgrims, Clown, Santa's Elf, Sugar Plum Fairy, The Washington's, Miss Pumpkin, Finnegan Leprechaun, Leopard, Rabbit, Mouse, Lion, Dinosaur or Dragon.

Plus the fancy dresses, plain dresses, pants and shirts and about anything you would need. If you want something not listed, please contact me. I also have Preemie sized patterns. NEW ITEM-- BIG POCKET BAGGY PANTS.

I have many patterns for the American Girl doll also. Some items in the patterns are coats and hats, plain and fancy dresses and pantaloon, sleepwear, Halloween costumes, playwear, country style dresses and hats, wedding gown, western wear, fairy tale costumes and much more.


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